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Realistic Sculpted 'Little People' Dolls

The dolls of Elle Piccolo-West are meticulously sculpted in images of realistic people, and they are all one of a kind creations. Her ability to capture the essence of each character, portrays a distinctive personality in each of her dolls, and this is what makes her little people "Unique".

Elle's Process in Creating Her Miniature Dolls

The clays she uses to create her little people are a combination of Cernit, and Fimo polymer clays. While Cernit gives a wonderful porcelain look to the dolls, the Fimo binds the clay, and makes the combination more user friendly. Elle starts each doll with a little ball of clay mixture, and she manipulates it to form an expressive face and torso. The next steps consist of creating realistic hands and legs. After they are baked, she wires them together, and with batting, and a needle and thread, the dolls are given their character. They are finally dressed, according to their occupation or performance.

Miniature Character and Portrait Dolls

As you are viewing Elle's website it will be apparent to you the many different personalities, in many nationalities, she is able to create. Elle specializes in making black dolls. If you are looking for a miniature man, or woman any age, including seniors, or perhaps someone to sculpt a portrait doll for you, then you have come to the right site. Thank you for your time, and Elle hopes to hear from you soon.